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Zombie Commando 3D APK what’s new

The game has been officially on the line, your happy zombie trip!

Zombie Commando 3D details

Zombie Commando 3D APK

“Zombie Commando 3D” is a zombie teamwork with themes and independent real-time combat game. Players have to create their own team hero, traveled the world to complete the task, against the invasion of zombies and investigate the root causes behind the crisis.
◆ Rich content levels
Rangers continued zombies before specialties, laser, circular saw, mine, stab, power grids, more than ten types of double-track trap, causing no difference in damage to players and zombies, the use Flexible traps allows you to easily destroy the enemy.
To explore four chapters, 48 great levels, a variety of task mode.
10 powerful boss challenge your operational limits.
◆ free with fighting equipment,
melee tanks, distance out, the extent of damage, reduce speed to control the market, they will have 10 roles of distinctive hero.
The limit operation, flexible control Five-member team carry out their functions.
◆ Distinctive skills
Electromagnetic bombs, heroic blow, furious fire, burst heavy, strong role of skills allows you to convert tables.
Rejected, dizziness, slow down, freeze, the extent of the damage, the weapons skills of shooting wound magnificent game.
◆ art and music
the 3D images, massive enemies, being refreshing.
Mayan ruins, Siberia, secret labs, Westfall seven main style scene, incredible host level screen.
Aesthetic shock of game music, and detailed sound experience.

How to install Zombie Commando 3D APK

1) Look for the “Security” menu in your smartphone settings and touch “Device management”. Put a check against “Unknown sources”. This is how it is allowed to install applications not only in Play Market.

2) Download the .apk file from our site and move it to the SD card of your device.

3) Find this file using the file manager for your phone/tablet and touch it.

4) In the new window touch “Install” and follow the recommendations of the application. Some applications may require access to the functions of your smartphone such as an Internet connection or access to your Facebook page if the application has to deal with them to function properly.

5) Most applications require caching in addition to simple installation. Cache is an additional file package, which usually goes with the .apk file and is essential for the application function. The cache size can reach several GB, especially in case you are installing the game.

6) If the application you are going to install requires caching, you must unzip the folder with the .obb file in an SD / Android /obb directory. If you are trying to install a game from the Gameloft company, the directory will be SD / Gameloft / games /. If you have unzipped the cache in an incorrect directory, the application will run, but it will be required to download additional files.

What is OBB

OBB is used for the sale of certain Android applications online in the Google online store. Developers create OBB files to include and integrate large assets using the JOBB tools in the Android SDK. They store data that is not stored in the encrypted packet format, in addition to applications, including graphics and multimedia files. You can use the APK file of the Google Play Developer Console to download. Those who have downloaded the application, the user will receive two APK files and include APK expansion files to other assets of ÖBB file. OBB: Data packet file only play some compressed OBB files in compressed RAR file format. The use of data packages influences the course of the game.

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