War Robots APK Download Free For Android Phone

War Robots The War Robots ios version is an action shooting game run on the Apple platform. In the War Robot Robos ios Edition players will be on the handsome armor and other players to fierce confrontation, more innovative achievements System, wait for you to fight!

War Robots game

game introduction

Wartime is coming, warriors! Ready to deal with raids, complex tactics and opponents prepared for you many cunning tricks it? Destroy enemy robots, occupy all the lighthouse, upgrade weapons, thereby enhancing the fighting robot combat effectiveness, speed, and durability. Demonstrate yourself on each map, use different strategies and tactics to win in battle!

Game features

18 each have the battle of the robot;

Ballistic missiles, energy guns and plasma guns and so on more than 20 kinds of weapons. How would you choose?

A combination of robots and weapons. Create a war machine suited to your own game style;

Create your own faction, lead it to a glorious victory;

Robot Fighting is a special design version for robot game enthusiasts like robotic transformers and robots fighting. We design a weapon system what is invested in graphics and electricity is very detailed. You know that you will love it when you first see it. If you are considering a robotic mobile game, then that’s what you need.
In the robot battle game, the game is simple but difficult to play. This game brings your survival and defense instincts with multi-reflection and combat skills. It is time to raise your fighting skills, because this game is so intense that it will hit your mind. Back to the game, the enemy’s killer robot will find and find your destination and attack you. These dead machines are very dangerous and ready to kill you. So there is no mercy and the release of hell on the battlefield, the destruction of all the war robots and the protection of the city.

The game is designed as a force with each stage of the game, but rather a pre-designed battle weapon and boss. Players must fight and win the next fight. You lost can never try until you win, do not worry!
If you win, you will get some coins you can use to upgrade the power of weapons, guns and the power of the characters.
Each robot supports super weapons systems with different powerful forces and different attacks, and you will learn how to use them effectively to show off your power.

Game Info:
– amazing 3D graphics!
– Various types of weapons, including ballistic missiles, energy, and plasma guns. What would you choose?
– all kinds of enemies!
– future environment!
– realistic sound effects!
– bonuses to complete the military mission.
– Brilliant War Graphics Content
– Realistic Sound
– User-Friendly and Smooth Control
– Addictive Game Combat Simulator