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Wallapop Android App Description

Wallapop allows users to purchase and sell virtual flea markets and announcements. You sell what you do not use and you will also find awesome deals:: Guide Wallapop provides useful information to know what they offer more Wallapop items ordeals. Get extra tips to sell your own items and buy what you want at low prices. Find out how Wallapop works. This is not an official application for Wallapop. This is just an information application. If there is any trademark or infringement of copyright will not be reasonable use within the follow-up, please contact us directly to take immediate action.

Wallapop Android App FEATURES

*Make money and save money on great items

*No delivery charges, wait time, misleading descriptions, time-consuming returns. Transactions happen in person, locally.

*Categories including items like cars, electronics, phones, tablets, fashion and accessories, vintage clothes, babies and children, sports equipment and leisure, books, bikes, video games, films, furniture and more, you can find what you’re looking for, and sell what you don’t need

*Be environmentally friendly and sustainable: you can recycle, upcycle, and keep usable items out of the landfill while filling your pockets. Find your unloved items new homes!

*Private: your exact address is always confidential, while your current location is displayed within about ½ a mile from your real location. Your personal info will never be utilized for commercial use.
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Wallapop Android app IT!

Wallapop is a free, mobile virtual flea market/category app for Android devices (2.3.3+) of. Use it to buy and sell important matters near your home. It’s fast and easy to sell and buy, local! It is sold better than a garage, all day open.

Wallapop is available for download and uses free of charge, but our most supported cities are New York, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Austin, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

Make money to sell you do not use it 
with Wallapop it’s convenient, fast, free to sell, almost what you like! Just take a photo and list it Wallapop – look, it is immediately available to the buyer in the local area. Do you sell antiques and collectibles? Moving and selling furniture Love no longer want a tablet? Try Wallapop to make money!
Discover and buy new great STUFF

Wallapop is the local flea market or the old stuff sold in your pocket. Limited sale Wallapop everything according to how fast you can get it out! Chat directly with the seller, meet the local, check out the items and buy it. Are you looking for second – hand goods? Just moved in, want to buy cheap furniture?

What’s the best model for your phone? Gently love, reluctant to use your style of the project? Love a great deal? Wallapop is your announcement of the app! It is local, with your neighbors, in your community, like a flea market, real estate sales, and garage sale portfolio!

More than ten million people join Wallapop, join the community and discover great things!

* make money and save money on major issues

* no delivery fee, waiting time, misleading notes, time-consuming returns. Transactions occur in people, local.

* Categories include cars like cars, electronics, mobile phones, tablet PCs, fashion and accessories, vintage clothes, babies and children, sports equipment and leisure, books, bikes, video games, movies, furniture, etc. You can find what you are looking for Items and sell what you do not need

* is environmentally friendly and sustainable development: can be recycled, rising cycle and keeping items available from the landfill to make your pocket. Find your new home for nobody love the project!

* Private: your exact address is always kept, and your current location is displayed from your real location in about half a mile. Your personal information will not be used for commercial purposes.