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TeamViewer already allows controlling a mobile remote from another mobile

If you’ve ever had to work remotely on a PC, either to work or to fix your parent’s computer, you’re sure to be more than familiar with the TeamViewer tool. Now, this remote maintenance program is updated allowing you to control a mobile remote from another mobile, regardless of whether you are running Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile.

TeamViewer is a tool that computer professionals have been using for years to repair remote computers. The application already made it easier for users to access a PC or Mac from our mobile device, as we have shown on some occasion but now, with the latest version, offers the possibility to control a mobile remote from another smartphone.

Mobile to mobile control

This is not the first time TeamViewer has been able to remotely work on a mobile or tablet since remote maintenance through the system has been around for a long time. However, until now it only worked if we worked from a PC, and not from another mobile terminal.

With the latest update of TeamViewer for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile you can control a mobile remote from another mobile, without the need for the process to have to pass through a PC or Mac. , for example, access a smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile from your iPhone, or access the same iPhone from an Android terminal to control it remotely.

To be able to control a mobile remote from another mobile will need to pass by box, as this new feature of TeamViewer is only present in the paid version, or premium, of the app. If we activate it we will be able to share the screen of any smartphone with the application installed in another smartphone that also has its respective version of the application download and installed.

The download of the respective TeamViewer mobile applications can be found on Google Play, the Apple App Store, or Windows Store as well as on the

TeamViewer QuickSupport, new remote support app for iPhone and iPad

Surely many know the applications of TeamViewer to remotely access your computers from another computer or even from a mobile device like the iPhone or iPad. As of now, you can access the mobile devices from any computer thanks to the application “TeamViewer QuickSupport” to provide remote support and solve possible problems on mobile devices. The application is also completely free and universal, valid for both iPhone and iPad.

The application for iPhone and iPad also needs that you have installed TeamViewer 8 on your computer (Mac or Windows). Once installed on your mobile device and your computer, you will need the identifier that appears on your iPhone or iPad, and you must enter it in “Associate ID” of your computer.

Your iOS device will then prompt you to allow the connection. Once accepted, you will be able to “see” your device from your computer. It is not necessary for both devices to be on the same network, only they have access to the internet. The functions offered are many:

  • Chat:  you can talk to the one on the other side of the computer to solve any problem faster.
  • Real-time screenshots –  Take a screenshot on your iPad and automatically appear on your computer screen
  • Access to device settings:  Access WiFi networks, add new password protected networks, add new email accounts …
  • System access log:  Viewing system information and access logs help diagnose problems.
  • File transfer:  Files can be easily transferred from and to the device.

The application gives valuable information to technicians, system administrators, technical support departments, or any user who needs help from someone in front of a computer. Both TeamViewer 8 (Windows and Mac) and QuickSupport are free applications for private users. In the case of companies, a license for both applications will have to be purchased.

How to control a remote computer from the mobile

It is possible to access the guts of any computer, located miles away, through these ‘apps’ for iOS and Android

The vaunted cloud has transcended the physical limits of computer media. Indeed, thanks to cloud computing and proposals such as virtual storage services or online collaboration platforms, it is now possible to access a certain file just when we need it, even if we do not have the computer where we save it. Let’s be wherever we are. From any device. At all times.

But that ubiquity requires the user to always work with cloud-based tools, a requirement that is sometimes breached for lack of custom or for oversight so that sometimes the documents are stored on a computer’s hard drives. Even so, these files can be recovered through remote access, with applications that allow remote control of equipment that can not be handled in person. These solutions are also very useful to help someone who lives far away and has a problem with their computer, the same as the technical service professionals.

In addition, it is now possible to take command from mobile phones and tablets, thanks to the development of applications for this type of devices. The operation in most of the existing proposals is very similar. Broadly speaking, you need to install software on what is called the host computer, which is the computer you want to access, and synchronize it with the mobile application downloaded on the client computer, ie the smartphone or tablet. From there, you can start remote access sessions from the app following the instructions specific to each tool. These are some of the most popular with versions for both iOS and Android.

The catalog of TeamViewer is very oriented to companies that want to manage from any equipment all its computer infrastructure or to those that offer remote technical support to its clients. For this type of users there are three types of licenses for 579, 1,089 and 2,299 euros, depending on the needs of each business, but in addition, TeamViewer offers some of its features for free for private users who want to access remote devices iOS or Android to Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

The steps to test it are exactly the same as LogMeIn Pro: you need to install software on the host computer before downloading the app on the phone or tablet to take control from the mobile device. On the other hand, one of the distinguishing features of TeamViewer is that it allows you to establish chats and video calls. In addition, it has options to control mobile in remote from other mobiles or from desktop computers.