Spotify music iphone 8.4.18 Download Free

After a few months of internal testing, today one of the world’s most famous music broadcasting services arrives in Brazil. See what it is and how to download Spotify Music.

Spotify music for iphone app

What is Spotify music For iPhone

Do you know when you feel like listening to a certain song that does not come out of your head? If you do not have it in your particular repertoire, what does it do?

There are some legal ways to resolve this will. Either you buy the song from an online store (like the iTunes Store), or look for a place to listen to it for free. Many Brazilians use YouTube to do this, but for some time now streaming services have been solving this problem. The Spotify is one example. also, get Spotify Music for android

It lets you listen to music for free over the internet, iPhone, iPad or computer. It was one of the precursors of the streaming model that inspired later Apple’s iTunes Radio. Thousands of songs are available, and in return, you preview and listen to advertisements of sertaneja music between the tracks.

There are paid plans that further improve the user experience, allowing access to music on international travel, improved sound quality and eliminating advertisements, among other benefits.

Spotify has been running in Portugal since February 2013 and in other Latin American countries.

Until then, Rdio was the only great service of the kind that existed in Brazil. With the arrival of Spotify, we are hopeful that Apple will accelerate the implementation of iTunes Radio in the country.

How it works Spotify Music ISO App

Once you’ve installed the app on your iPhone or iPad (you can install it on your PC too) and sign up for the service, you can already browse pre-defined music selections, or search for a style or artist of your choice. Just pick up, find and play. So easy.

You can create playlists with your favorite songs and share them between your devices. Or, if you prefer, you can search for “radios” with your music style to listen to a selection of songs, unlimited. 80’s, rock, heavy metal, electronic, pop … you choose what you want to hear and Spotify does the rest.

You can also send songs to friends who also use the service.

The news is great and it’s great to have a service like this in Brazil. It’s sure to please most of you. download the app now and enjoy your favorite songs.