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 Shuffle Cats Regal Rummy android game

Shuffle Cats Regal Rummy Game details

This is like a game of class players to bring a new hand tour, a very good new chess game class Oh, the player through the card way to showdown, as the focus of the sprout cat also Will help you to shuffle and licensing, the current update after adding a new model.

“Shuffle Cats” is a game that makes you fascinated by the game, the game uses a round of the form of war, players need to use different poker and cute cat against.

Shuffle Cats Regal Rummy game introduction

Random cat fun, new card game movement, from the king, candy maker soda ash smash Saga and farm heroic legend!

Premature, opportunistic and play your way lucky lane – secret place, the biggest card roar of the twenties of the cat combination, find out who really takes advantage Take a step back in time with shuffle cats and join some practical gangs of Montie and Regal Lamy – she will tell you the ropes.

Play live racing live with others on the roof, make new friends along the way; learn new skills and challenge others’ glory. Every victory will take you closer to Bob’s shop to unlock new lucky talisman!

No time to dawdle! Sit on the car and become the legendary side by side with your friends and shuffle the cat and see who is the real top cat!

Related information:

“Wash the cat” is basically the play and the Western classic card game “Rummy” the same, Rummy’s rules are somewhat similar to mahjong. In fact Rummy from the Mexican card game “Conquian”, and Conquian from China’s horse hanging evolved, horse hanging is the predecessor of mahjong.

King official definition of “wash the cat” is “the first real-time multiplayer King of Battle card game” (first live multiplayer card game). “The first” sounds a bit lust, as if “King is good at three consumers, but it is the card game novice”, the fact is not the case. In fact, as early as 2012, King launched the “Pyramid Solitaire Legend ” (Pyramid Solitaire Saga). In addition to the rules, “was the cat” and its biggest difference is “real-time confrontation.”

Game features

· Classic card game update on the trip in the size of the fun!

· Intuitive and highly polished – card games never look so good!

· Unlock, offer creative ways to play new and exciting challenges

· Red or black mini-game free every day!

Live, multiplayer people, come from all over the world!

· Easy interaction with other players, with funny chat history and live card movement.

· Easily synchronize your progress between your phone and tablet devices

If you like to play candy smash Sushi soda ash or farm heroic legend or you like classic card games such as sweet wines, Whistle cards and now download shuffle cats and find playing card games free on your phone an exciting new the way!

Shuffle cat does not offer “real gold silver gambling” or the opportunity to win real money or prizes. The practice or success of social games does not mean the success of “real money gambling” in the future. Internet connection required. Shuffle the cat is completely free to play, but some optional game items need to be paid.