Heavy Bus Simulator 2018 Android Game

If you start searching the Play Store you will find very cool things. In the field of racing games, that first Mario Kart opened our minds in the sense that not everything is cars and motorcycles (and red shells and banana peels). And from there to our times we are already living a chaos that, although it is still fun, sometimes makes me wonder what we are doing with our vapid lives. I’m not the one to judge, but a game in which the objective is to drive a bus route through the streets of Brazil seems like an important pot. The kids of Dynamic Games not so much because they have taken their launch very seriously, as you can see on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Route bus simulation game.

Heavy Bus Simulator for Android is a simulation of driving coaches with an important realism. To start, you will have to buy a bus, although you can expand your “garage” as you play and get money. The design of your bus is completely customizable, being able to change the external color, one of the moons and even it is of the wheels. If you are ready to skid the roads of Brazil, you can download and install the APK file from the Play Store to start freaking.

New artificial intelligence system with improvements in game traffic.

Simple controls

Despite its complexity and level of detail, the buttons to drive your bus are very easy, although numerous: camera, plane, mirrors, turn signals, emergency lights, lights, brake, engine brake, horn, gears, and accelerator. In addition, you can look at the sides by gently touching the screen. It’s cool that there are so many camera options since you can experience driving from inside and outside the coach in different levels and modalities. To make matters worse, you can select drive by turning your mobile device, with arrows or steering wheel.

You will have to respect the traffic lights and the different signs and avoid hitting the rest of the vehicles. The more pleasant the trip you give your passengers, the more rewards you will receive. There are multiple cities to take your bus, but what draws attention is the impressive level of realism of its graphics. Yes, with the amount of publicity they have gone a little hand. If for some reason you have always wanted to take a road coach, this is your app, do not let it pass … or something.

Requirements and additional information:
Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 2.3.

Heavy Bus Simulator Video