Google Maps App Free Download For Mobiles

Google map download for android: google Maps makes it easier and faster to explore this world. You can find the best places in the city and get the information you need to get to these locations. Take real-time traffic
google maps app
information, quickly reach the destination of Google Maps App Free Download
With real-time traffic information, calm travel
Use real-time bus information, take the bus or train
Based on real-time traffic, abnormal road conditions and road conditions automatically re-planning routes, save time
Do not miss any turn or exit
Find gas stations and cafes along the way to

find a good place to go everywhere, like locals familiar with the various places with download google maps android
Where can you find the most popular restaurants and local businesses
With comments, Ratings, food and the environment and other photos, determine the best place to
understand the location of the busiest time, planning your tour route, and make a reservation
Share comments and photos and other content, to help others find the best place
Or often go to any location, but also through any computer or other equipment to quickly find the information to

experience the difference between Google Maps apps download for android
Offline map, even without an Internet connection, can also search and navigation
Provide restaurants, shops, museums and other locations Street View and indoor imagery?
indoor maps, To help you quickly find a place in the large airports, shopping centers and sports stadiums and other direction
Provide a comprehensive and accurate maps / Area 220 countries
Offers over 15,000 cities bus timetables and maps
Provide detailed business more than 100 million sites Information

* Some features can only be used in a specific country
* Continuing to run GPS in the background will drastically shorten battery life.

Google Maps App New in version 9.54.1

Thank you for using Google Maps! This version incorporates the Measure Distance feature, which allows you to draw directions on the map and measure the distance between the anchor and the location. In addition, there are some problems that can improve the repair of our products, can help you find new places and navigate to these locations.

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