Gmail App Download For Android (APK)

Gmail App Download For Android: Gmail is one of Google’s flagship products, its e-mail service is used by millions of users around the world and as such, its performance and features take care to satisfy everyone, and this also includes mobile applications. The rise of smartphones and tablets has made them become productive tools anywhere and e-mail occupies one of the first places among the podium of such utilities.

Gmail is best free email app for android, therefore, one of the most important GApps in Android and since they taught us the novelties of Material Design in Google I / O, we were all looking forward to the new apps coming to our phones. In recent days, since the announcement of Lollipop and the new Nexus, Google has gradually released the new versions of its main applications and thanks to a port to the Nexus 4, we were able to see them in all their splendor.

A few hours ago the new GMail 5.0 for Android was released on the network, available to everyone through the classic APK file and without root problems, or change build.prop or anything. If you want to download it right now on your Android, here are links end of the post.

Now, after some testing the new version, with the new design with elements Material Design and a new characteristic red color in the purest Google+ style, it is time to see everything new that offers, both interface level, and functions, where also there is news.

GMail also gets your face wash

The first changes we have in GMail 5.0, before even opening the application itself, is the icon. Finally, after a long time asking, it unifies the icon of GMail for Android, moving from the old envelope to the same that is used on other platforms like iOS or the web version itself. Recall that this, unify designs, was a mandate of Larry Page to all Google, what was denominated like Project Kennedy.

Already if we enter the new GMail, the differences are more than obvious with respect to the previous version, there is more to see the top catch. Red and white colors, more stylized and fine font and of course, Material Design everywhere, from the floating composite button to the icons to access the various options. The most striking thing to look at the inbox is the increase in the space between emails, making the view clearer, less crowded, but also offering less information at the same time (left captures Oppo Find 7, right HTC One M7 ).

Writing emails in the new GMail 5.0

The same thing we appreciate when entering the composition of a new email has been dispensed with some elements, making the view simpler and cleaner. Also on this screen, we see a change at the top, where the attach files button goes from being inside the menu to them directly on the red bar (the option to attach local files or from Drive) is maintained.

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The detail of the largest spaces is also seen in the reading of emails. Some fonts such as email titles have a larger size, pushing everything down and, along with element separation, make us lose some lines of reading, though nothing to worry about. For its part, the top bar grows in size and is curious because even so the new buttons delete, mark unread, archive, etc. Gmail App Download For Android are smaller than the previous ones.

Gmail App

The new side menu

If you have used Google Inbox in the last few days this part will not be new to you, but it is a big change from the previous GMail. The accounts (which will be discussed below) are shown in a top panel, being able to pass between them by clicking on the photos or directly sliding from right to left.

Under them are the different mailboxes and then the labels, folders, and others that we each use to better organize our email. As you see, in this case, the new design does benefit the amount of information that is shown in the side panel, since the grouping of accounts at the top allows the entire list of mailboxes and labels to go up.

Access to GMail Settings (General and Accounts) is now at the end of that side panel, instead of being on the main screen as in the previous version. In them, there are no more changes than the design, colors and some popularity of options, but in essence, they are the same.

All your email accounts, now under GMail

The great innovation in terms of functionality that commented at the beginning of the entry is that GMail is now able to host other email accounts, not just GMail accounts. That is, do you have Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud … accounts? Now you can configure them in the GMail app and manage them all from there, without messes or complicated settings.

Specifically, GMail 5.0 for Android supports accounts Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange accounts and all kinds of personal POP3 and IMAP accounts by manually setting them up. To use them, just click on “New account” and access the configurator.

If it is a “known” service, it will detect them and you will be ready, but if you need to manually enter incoming and outgoing server settings, it will work exactly like any of the third party mail apps that exist in Play, or like the App itself Android native mail.

New desktop widget and label access

Finally, the changes also reach the other sections of the app, such as the desktop widget that shows the last emails in the inbox. Now it has the same red color characteristic of the application and it maintains the possibility to scroll and resize it to the user’s liking. On the other hand, the icons of the shortcuts to labels to place on the desktop are now much more modern and flat, and they were the change. Here is how everything remains:

GMail 5.0 is a big step forward, the redesign is lacking, it feels great, and the detail of multi-thread support will also help attract many users and cause others to delete ancillary email apps. However it still has to improve some aspects:  performance has room for improvement, sometimes it takes a few seconds more to pass between trays, between accounts and is also appreciated when you open the app every time.

This is the new Gmail App Download For Android, what do you think ?. Remember that, although in the coming days/weeks will officially arrive via Play, you can try it by downloading the APK file from the following links. Tell us your impressions in the comments!