Download Pokémon GO App APK File For Android Phones

“Pokémon Go” is undoubtedly a global hot spot, but it seems that the game developer, Niantic, is looking to bring this enhanced reality (AR) game into another crowd: Android Wear smartwatch users The

Pokémon GO Android APK

The Pokémon Go Hub data digging staff collected a series of clues from the latest version of the game 0.37.0 that suggested that it would be landing Android Wear devices.

The report says the Android game “includes the new” Pokemon go plus “linkage bracelet program, which shows” Pokemon Go “on Android Wear. The device will be connected to the Android phone via Bluetooth, and the Android phone version of Pokémon Go Plus will not require a complete game on the phone.

With the “Pokemon Go” background, the app still requires players to track and capture Pokemon and get items from the Pokéstops site. This seems to be different from the recently announced Apple Watch version. Apple Watch still needs players to come up with a cell phone to really catch new Pokemon.

Data mining also shows that Android Wear and smartphone traffic will be encrypted via AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

At the same time, the data show that iOS users can still use the “Pokemon Go” game on the Android Wear platform, although it is not yet fully compatible with the same level, and whether it has the same functionality as Android Wear’s Android Edition.

The code table for this app shows that the version has been published, so we look forward to getting more information from developer Niantic in the near future. If you do not have a smartwatch, you can also view the dedicated “Pokémon Go Plus” linkage bracelet. The bracelet can be compatible with iOS and Andrews systems and will alert you when approaching Pokéstop or Wild Pokemon.

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