Download Opera Mini for Android (APK)

You have a good connection to the network and a good solution is to use the Opera browser or Opera Mini. If you do not have any good WiFi connection range and need to access the network a good solution is to use the Opera browser or Opera Mini The

Opera Mini

The Opera Mini, as shown below, it is not just a browser fast. When you ask for the opera’s Internet address to send you to the middle of the server itself, also known as the proxy, pages visited, the content is compressed to reduce the image Size and re-send all without javascript, java, flash or whatever other useless stuff. Results, navigation ends on 10 quick times.

Another interesting aspect is the browser that can be downloaded in the market, totally free and only 900 Kb. In other words, it might be worth installing Opera Mini even through 3g to download a cell phone. While we will have to keep some of your visits The data plan will even be added to the download size.

I use Opera Mini because Windows Mobile and running version is almost perfect.It is expected that some pages do not work through the proxy server to visit, although most of the ride no problem. Here we have TudoVemDaChina mobile page.

The Opera Mini is used to quickly access the content, so he will try to go and, if possible, find the mobile version of the page to visit. In the case of TudoVemDaChina, you can click on the link to view the desktop version, which is also installed correctly Another interesting aspect is Google is blocked, IE, do not spend your data plan.

In the Opera Mini front desk screen we have speed dial, IE, use most of the list easy access to favorites.

f you use WiFi connection slow opera mini can also help. However, if wifi internet speed is the best download Opera browser (which was formerly known as opera mobile).

The Opera browser it is a bit slower than that the mini, but it has a better compatible with most sites on the Internet. There used to close the Proxy Access button option “off-road mode.” When connecting, in general, cross-country access to data on reducing Flow at 90%.

Another way to access the Internet faster is to reduce the quality of the image or even close the download picture. In desperate to access your e-mail in a terrible connection in the middle of the street, this could be a good solution.

In the configuration, you can also define if the browser will be treated as a cell phone, tablet, or desktop. This version does not exist a mini.

Even if the YouTube project does not load videos within the browser, in this case, the default browser or YouTube application will be opened.

By choosing an agent to operate as a “mobile” version of TudoVemDaChina was modified to move.

Unfortunately, some websites give the problem, just as the newspaper carries the little OGlobo at the top of the screen. You can read: just zoom in.

History, speed dial, and favorites round out of the browser’s practicality, it also has a pc version and other platforms.

Although in recent years greatly improved the default Android browser, always installed version Opera browser and Opera Mini on my phone, able to surf the Internet in an emergency. Although not all of the site settings are done entirely through the proxy, sometimes speed up the page work The difference between is, or always loaded. I leave the link to the Google software market, for those who use the phone, you can install the application directly:

Opera Mini Review

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