Download Microsoft Powerpoint APK Latest For Android

It is recommended to use Microsoft’s official move because it is the best for compatibility with the latest features of Microsoft Powerpoint APK Latest.

Microsoft Powerpoint app

The best compatibility means a complete restore.

Microsoft’s official Microsoft Office for iOS / Android mobile version in the document compatibility and rendering display layout has an unparalleled advantage.

Whether it is complex typesetting, icons, Excel formulas, SmartArt and even PPT switching animation effects can be perfectly presented.

One, Microsoft PowerPoint: agile mobile office

Microsoft PowerPoint more agile mobile office

Microsoft PowerPoint for mobile use is designed for travel and work.

Mobile version of PowerPoint has a similar appearance with the Office, feel and quality, as well as touch experience.

During the trip, PowerPoint is able to provide you with the best productivity experience you need.

Even if the cross-device, there will be no format or chart loss.

At any time as long as you can easily access in the cloud.

Mobile PowerPoint provides maximum file compatibility and layout fidelity.

The presentation will appear exactly as you would like to be displayed on your mobile device without the presence of a chart or image.


perfect function: image, charts, animation, switching effects, etc., perfect function.

anytime, anywhere: the presentation of the cloud at any time to create, view and edit.

Auto Zoom: You can insert, move, edit charts and text boxes by touch screen without keyboard and mouse.

Autosave: automatically saved to the current location.

change at any time: from any device to access your recently used files, seamless convergence, very flexible.

Access: You can access your files whenever and wherever you need it while supporting OneDrive, One Drive for Business, SharePoint / Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

co-work: easy to share, work together, custom e-mail.

Second, Office Remote: remote office easier

Office Remote is connected to the PC via Bluetooth and can be used as a PPT remote.

You can control the PPT switch, embedded music and video playback and pause, and switch to the thumbnail view.

On Android devices, you can view the presentation notes directly and focus on the presentation timers during the presentation.

In addition, also supports Excel and word, is a more practical application.

Office Remote Benefits:


View thumbnails for current or next slideshow

Virtual laser point (red virtual laser point is a very large application of this bright spot)

Next slide preview

Play or pause audio and video files

View thumbnails of slides and jump to the specified slides

View the speaker notes on your phone

View presentation timers and slides progress

»In Excel:

Navigation and columns

By sliding the table

Use slicers, PivotTables, and filters

Jump in the workbook to any specified object

Change the zoom level


Jump to title

Jump to comments

Screen up / down

Audio up / down

Change the zoom level

Third, OneNote: Synchronize all notes across devices

Microsoft OneNote is your digital notebook.

Can be used to record toll lists, speeches and meeting notes, vacation plans, or anything you want to organize or remember.

Write down notes by typing or sketches or by taking pictures, then save by OneNote.

Notes can be synchronized across the device, both anytime, anywhere access, but also easy to share your notes with other people.


Bold, tilt, underline, highlight, indent – as in the same computer set the notes on the format.

· Use your notebooks, partitions, and tags to organize your notes.

`Record handwritten notes or add handwriting and drawings to notes

Cross-computer and device synchronization notebook.

· View the notes you created on your PC, including formats, videos, and attachments.

· Search in notes and files for anything you capture – even if the text in the picture can be searched.

The main screen widget allows you to quickly create images and text notes without having to open the app.

· Use the “OneNote Recent” widget to access the most recent notes directly from the Home screen.

· Add your favorite pages, partitions or notebooks to the main screen for quick access.

· Enter a voice note on your Android Wear watch.

· Easy access to your recent notes on your watch.

· Access the work notes stored on the SharePoint Online website from your tablet or phone.

Use OneNote to collect microblogging articles

Pay attention to the WeChat public “Microsoft cloud notes” (micro-signal msmyonenote) and bind your Microsoft account.

Will want to collect the article, sent to the “Microsoft cloud notes” to open OneNote you can see your collection of WeChat articles.

In addition, you can also directly to the “Microsoft cloud notes” account to send text, pictures or voice messages, all messages will be sent directly to your OneNote.

OneNote badge:

The OneNote badge is an Android feature that can be suspended regardless of which interface is on the phone.

Can be achieved without having to open OneNote at any time to record the idea.

In addition to the text, you can also take pictures, very practical.

OneNote also has a built-in voice memo function, do not want to use the voice when you can easily record.

Four, Microsoft Sprightly

microsoft powerpoint android app Sprightly Microsoft has introduced a new productivity tool that is extremely simple and lightweight, allowing you to instantly create detailed catalogs, beautiful flyers, poster price lists, Ecards and coupons on the go. Both to meet the user’s individual needs, but also unconventional, the key is to do more money.

There are many templates available in the application, the user can be based on their own production content to determine, but the overall style point of view, Microsoft Sprightly template tend to be simple, and the color is more soft, consistent with the aesthetic of most users.

Sprightly is very convenient in designing posters, price lists, and other small charts.

Tap to   take a picture, or import an image

Generate   options from multiple templates

Share   social media, email, notes, and more

Edit status:

The content used in the promotional material you create can be reused in the Collections in the app.

With Sprightly even on the road, you can easily create a product gallery to send to the customer, you can also add watermarks, contact information, promotional details and other information as needed.

The uploaded image application will automatically save the record and be able to edit it twice.