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Download Instagram app and Instagram’s 10 hidden features · every day in to photos how can you not know? The

Download Instagram Android App: Instagram has become a young man must have one of the mobile apps, take pictures punch card too! Want to be an expert? You can not know the 10 IG hidden function, hurry up and Xiaobian explores a bar!

1. found that the new mainland there are so many color options

Instagram app image 1

I believe that Instagram friends often know the Instagram story this time limit dynamic, this feature is widely welcomed by the public because all the developments in the dynamic after 24 hours will be automatically deleted. But often want to write in the limited time only a few colors can choose, cannot find their own color? do not worry! Let Xiaobian tell you! Do so you can find your favorite color!

1. First, enter the insta story to take a photo or film you want to send.

2. Enter the writing function.

3. Have you seen a row of colors below to let you choose? Long press one of the colors will appear more color disc you choose Oh!

2. fill the Instagram story color cannot take pictures!

Instagram app image2

Always play insta story just want to write a photo do not want to put the photo but do not know how to do? Xiao Bian teach you! Let your insta story background can also be your favorite color!

1. Just choose a photo.

2. Click the brush.

3. Long press one of the colors, appear after the color plate to choose your favorite color.

4. long press the screen to fill the background color!

3. Just one finger can also be free

Do you want to zoom in with two hands when you want to zoom in? In fact, only one finger will be able to get it! In the video press, the photo button at the same time slide up and down can easily zoom! The ugly picture of a friend cannot be found! (Good or bad XD)

4. hide tagged photos do this!

Instagram app image3

1. Click “You are tagged”.

2. Click on 3 points in the upper right corner.

3. Click “Mark Settings”.

4. Select “Join by”.

5. Do not let others find me in the stalking man

Instagram app image4

Want to secretly search the previous account afraid of being found by the incumbent? no problem! Clear your search history, it will not be found! (Not to mention the small editor of the XD)

1. Click “Settings”.

2. Click “Delete search history”.

This function can only delete the “Recent” search history, and can not hide the “Suggest” account Oh! Want to hide “Suggest” account must do so!

Instagram app image5

1. Press the “Suggest” account

2. Click “Hide”.

Hey, so that you can not know the ghosts, male/female friends to check the phone is no problem XP

6. Using Instagram also saves data traffic

Instagram app image6

“Ah! I have to use this month’s data! The province spent!” Data to run out but still want to IG? no problem! This can be done!

1. To the Instagram app settings.

2. Click “Mobile data traffic”.

3. Select “Use less data traffic”.

** When you choose to use less data traffic, the photo will slow down the display! Just wait patiently!

7. account resume section to do so!

Instagram app image7

Want to make your account resume (caption/bio) at a glance, segment and put your favorite map? Follow Xiao Bian do so!

1. You want to write the words in the phone’s Notes, you want to segment or join the map can be easily done.

2.Copy & Paste to Instagram’s personal account resume no problem!

8. grab the “sofa” no problem!

Instagram app-8

“Crush people post photos, and I can not miss!” This will not just miss, but also in the first time the first like and comment Oh! Refresh your sense of presence, let TA pay attention to you!

1. Click on the Instagram account for TA.

2. Click on 3 points in the upper right corner.

3. Open the “notice” can be. Whenever TA so you can receive the first notice for the first time!

9. Hide time-bound dynamics

Click on hide your story

Go out and a group of friends chill out send Instagram limited dynamic but worry about being friends without jio to see how to do?

1. Click on the Instagram account for TA.

2. Click on 3 points in the upper right corner.

3. Click “Hide your time limit”.

10. Do not rush to delete pictures Instagram 【Collection】 function

Many Instagram users will be due to posting after the release of the message is too small or unpopular photos and other reasons to rush to delete the photo, but often regret after the deletion, but also unable to return to heaven. Now there is a solution! Instagram 【Collection】 function will be able to help you!

1. Click the photo you want to collect.

2. Click on 3 points in the upper right corner.

3. Click “Archive Collection”.

4. Back to your Instagram profile in the upper right corner, there is a clock icon, which has your collection of photos Oh!

** first do not own the collection of pictures, do not delete and then not later Oh!Collection of photos is also able to take back!

1. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of your Instagram profile to have a clock icon.

2 Select the photo you want to retrieve.

3. Click on 3 points in the upper right corner.

4. Click “Show” on it!