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Gmail Android App extensions are Gmail’s offline extensions, and it’s better to say that Gmail Offline is more relevant for Chrome’s extended app. Of course, the expanded app must be a requirement for users to actively search and download and install, that is, Said that this function will one day encounter do not want to use or no need to use the situation, then delete is the only choice. How can I remove the installed Gmail app and remove it from Chrome? This step will be divided into two phases, please follow the steps below.

gmail android app

Stage 1 – Remove all offline data

This step is very important, not only delete the Gmail offline version of the necessary action, he can also completely remove the Chrome in the upper viewing offline data.

Step 1 – Open Chrome and go to the specified page

When you open the Chrome browser, please type “chrome: // settings/cookies” at the top of the URL. Press Enter to enter Chrome’s settings page.

Step 2 – Search for “”

Once you’ve entered the page, please paste “” in the box in the upper right corner, then you’ll find all the information for Gmail Offline, then click “Remove all show items” on the left side of the space. Delete the account you’ve visited on Chrome, the message, and finally click the “Finish” button below to complete the removal of Gmail Offline.

Phase 2 – Uninstall Gmail Offline

When you complete the first phase – remove all offline data, you can then go through the second phase – uninstall Gmail offline and remove Gmail Offline completely.

Step 1 – Go to the Chrome app page

Once you’ve opened Chrome, please type “chrome: // apps /” at the top of the URL, or click the “App” button on the Chrome shortcut bar to access the Chrome app page.

Step 2 – Right-click on Gmail Offline and select Remove

Once you’ve entered the Chrome app page, please right-click on the icon in the Gmail Offline app, then select “Remove from Chrome” and click the “Remove” option on the page. Offline will be removed from the Chrome app and the entire Gmail Offline app removed.

If you really do not want to use the Gmail Offline service, be sure to follow the two steps above and remove the four steps to remove Gmail Offline from the Chrome app. These two phases are important. The first stage does not affect the second phase of the deletion, but for the sake of prudence, to prevent personal and e-mail content is seen by people, or to recommend two stages are completed will be better.