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Facebook app is the world’s leading photo sharing site. And Facebook has always maintained a competitive relationship with Google.

Facebook said: “As long as the user clicks the ‘Like’ button, all support Open Graph protocol website will be displayed in the search engine.” Previous media found that some support Facebook Open Graph agreement site has appeared in the Facebook search engine in. The Facebook’s position shows that the company will use the Open Graph agreement to search engine index to further expand the scope of the threat to Google.
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Last year, Facebook’s main application became the first non-Google Android app to get more than one billion downloads of the application, we need to note that WhatsApp is also a billion download volume of the club.

As early as February 19, 2014, Facebook announced that the company has reached a definitive agreement with the fast-growing cross-platform mobile communications application WhatsApp, which will add $ 30 billion in restricted shares to about $ 16 billion, Buy WhatsApp. Bloomberg said the deal was the biggest deal in the Internet industry after the merger of Time Warner and AOL in 2001.

Members of the current billion download volume club in addition to the Facebook main application and WhatsApp also includes Google search, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.

Last year in July, Facebook “demolitions” the short message function, launched an independent instant messaging application Facebook Messenger. Subsequently, Facebook Messenger has launched a transfer payment function, into the third-party applications, for the electricity business planted a hint – Messenger more and more like a WeChat.

And now, Facebook Messenger app in the Android platform downloads also broke the billion mark, they also officially joined the impressive billion download volume of the club.

Interestingly, the Facebook Messenger app is the only one very popular app that scores no more than 4 stars on Google Play (score only 3.9 stars). This may be because many users are very dissatisfied with Facebook to launch Messenger as a standalone application. Users will not be able to send private messages to friends in the Facebook main application. If you want to chat with friends, you can only Facebook app download and jump to Facebook Messenger in a separate application.

Many Facebook users feel that they want to communicate directly with friends through Facebook applications, of course, they cannot ignore some of the additional features of Facebook Messenger, including voice, video calls and so on.

Facebook is constantly trying to improve Facebook Messenger. Last week, they provided a system update for enhanced location sharing for the application. For Facebook, they already have WhatsApp, and with Facebook Messenger by more and more people’s attention, which is undoubtedly even more powerful Facebook.

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