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Download Google Chrome App: The “Material Design” interface design guide presented by Google at the Google I / O Conference in 2014 will naturally become a new interface element for each Google service, and Google Drive files, spreadsheets, and newsletters will be the first to join “Material Design” style, today’s updated Google Chrome Android App App also make a difference, put on Google Material Design’s new clothes. 
Google Chrome
Under this new interface, your Google Chrome reading experience will be more like a “one card” approach, from the search column, tab switching, have a more refined, clear level, let us easier Slide the target, and it also provides better rendering animation when you open a menu or switch pages.

With the new interface with Google Chrome Android App, not only use it more smoothly, looks more like a most fashionable browser. Coupled with some of the powerful features previously launched, such as ” Google help Android iPhone to save mobile Internet traffic and protection against the Internet security “, and the essence of cross-platform synchronization of all web browsing experience convenience can bring greater efficiency The

The latest version of Google Chrome Android App can see the new ” new page “, there are clear Google search, voice search column, of course, here will provide future changes in Google Doodle, and then below can scroll through the most commonly used web preview The

Extended reading, the most beautiful Google Chrome computer version of the new page: start a good day! My 10 Google Chrome best starting methods

Or click the button below to enter the bookmark, history browsing screen.

And in the multi-page switch, there are more close to the paper card switch transparent rendering animation to show paging sliding.

The top of the URL search column will be stacked in the way the top of the page so that we can complete the temporary search needs, you can switch back to the page. And in the search results show, there are more clearly read the layout.

In the top right of the menu, it will show a better slide out of the animation, we can re-organize the page here, stop the page, or directly with the Android system back to the previous page back to the page.

Overall, the new version of Google Chrome Android App provides a more modern, sophisticated and more fluent new interface, the use of Google Chrome App friends update, also like this new style?

Or, you can also try to computer-side Google Chrome this big update: Google Chrome 64-bit official version of the launch! But must download it yourself .

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