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If seen from its name “Game Candy Crush Saga“, we will first imagine the picture of candy or candy combined with a splash of saga happy.

The game becomes a mainstream because of the many gamers who play the game, if the game is playable, of course, a developer will continue to develop the game with the latest version is more exciting.

Candy Crush Saga android

How is the picture of Candy Crush Soga game? Here are more reviews about the game Candy Crush Saga.

Drawings of Candy Crush Saga Game

Candy Crush Soga game is one of the masterpieces of the king’s developers who are currently releasing the latest addictive game titled “Game Crush Saga” which is more interesting if gamers feel and learn every stage of the game.

The description of the game features 2 categories of gameplay, first showing the evil of highly addictive gameplay and annoying tendencies that make a game limp by allowing only certain movements to complete a mission in its level.

Broadly speaking, Soda Saga’s latest release game is still the same as the old game Crush Soga that must collect points by pairing 3 pieces of candy or more.

There is little difference in the game release of the latest version that is with your picture as the player must pair the candy with the same colored Soga to open the big Soga bottle cap.

The process is characterized by a purple liquid behind your grid that increases when you popping the Soga bottles.

For the next level will certainly get a more difficult challenge by facing Tantangn gummy bears that are in the form of chewy candy in the form of a teddy bear that has a challenge you should be able to make the teddy bear floating in the puzzle grid.

How to Download Candy Crush Soga Game

How to download Candy Crush Soga game is easy. For those of you Android phone users, the game can be found in the Google Play Store app available on your phone.

Type in search with “Candy Crush Soga” continue with the tap on the pairs menu if a command appears to accept, tap accept and wait for the process and finish. Also, click link below to open download page

Candy crush saga android video trailer

Android 4.3.3 and higher

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