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Aptoide APK

Aptoide APK introduction to the app

Aptoide is a market for Android applications that can be downloaded without any registration and allows users to create their own markets and share with others the apps, games, and paid apps that are not available in other markets.

The application interface is simple and intuitive, divided into multiple pages, such as home page, the highest downloads, market, update, social and download manager. Before using Aptoide you have to understand how it works. The market contains a large number of downloadable free applications, you only need to enter the name in the search bar, and then select the version you want to download. The technical information and description of each application are filled and shared by the sharing party. The most important point is that you can download the program to score or evaluation, others can make you believe that the evaluation of the program to download. If you can not search for the results you want, then you can go to the market page and go to the list of unlisted apps in the community.

You can browse categories and find tools and games in Aptoide, find new applications that are difficult to count in the highest download. The pushback feature in Aptoide allows you to push the version of the application back to the old version, remove the version you do not like or do not work well, and update it in just a few seconds.

Aptoide APK Aptoide introduction

From the whole network of 29 application stores including over 200 million applications and games. The whole network the most comprehensive application library, casually to toss.

Each application game has been manually applied by experts and machine calibration to ensure that the official no malicious.

More than 100 professional media and microblogging people settled, for you to recommend more fun application games

Users can upload their own app

Aptoide app advantage

Aptoide allows developers, OEMs, telecom operators and integrators to create and manage their own Android stores. Our partners are also able to upload and publish their Android apps through their own stores.
If you are an end user, we will provide Aptoide’s client application, giving you the right to manage the download, update and access to the store.

Aptoide users have opened 14.4 million applications, including 335,000 App applications. Not only that, the application of the platform has exceeded 1.6 billion, a very alarming figure.

Aptoide APK Features:

Aptoide is the largest independent Android application platform, and you can create your own app store. Use XML-based open protocols to perform communication between the client and the server. The Aptoide client allows a search, browse and install on Android phone app. Aptoide is available in 17 languages.

Frequently Asked Questions / Help:

I can not download anything! – “No need to download” easy, all the way out there (on the screen), a text if said, click there, it sure works.

* Do not run the application – try uninstalling the application, turn off the phone, reopen it, and re-download the application. If it is still valid, I sent an email to energyapp13@gmail.com

* I can not load anything – please check your internet connection is stable, personal comparison recommended WiFi or 3G/4G. This application is not official. Its purpose is for recreational purposes only. Developers do not recognize or belong to “Aptoide”.